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Sarthi Chem Pvt. Ltd. pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of METHYL BROMIDE which is used for various types of fumigation like commodity fumigation, vessel fumigation and treatment of food processing facilities for rodents and insects

  • Sarthi Chem Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) was established in 16th December 2004 by young entrepreneurs with vivid knowledge of over a decade and a vision to touch everyone's lives. The management strives for excellence with value for money proposition in all its products and services. Hence the company continuously invests in latest technologies and innovations to ensure its clients always remains ahead in competition.
  • SCPL is promoted by Managing Director, Mr.Jagdish Aghera - B. E. Chemicals with an experience of around two decades in the field of chemical manufacturing, with experience of more than 10 years as Production Manager of M/s. TATA Chemicals Ltd.
  • SCPL claims that MBR produced is one of the best in the market due to consistency in quality, packing and deliveries with competitive price edge.
  • SCPL is ISO certified private limited company, incorporated on 16th December 2004.
  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Management System.

  • R&D:- Present- day is a core plant of modern business world. A team of qualified technical export working on improving current product quality and new product development.
  • Product Storage: - As Methyl Bromide is one of the most hazardous gas, for that we have well ventilated and temperature controlled storage.
  • Logistics: - Well connected with national Highways No. 8-B and all major transport companies.
  • Quality Assurance: - Best Quality Raw Material, 100% inspection, 100% Traceability, Complete records on every production ordered

What is Methyl Bromide:
Methyl Bromide is a colourless and odourless liquid gas. It’s also classified as highly dangerous gas and has strict norms for handling due to its nature.
Because of its nature of being NON DETACTABLE if leaked in atmosphere, 2% Chloropicrin is added as TOP UP in the MBR Cylinder. Due to this 2% Chloropicrin, u get to see brown fumes and pungent odour when its exposed/leaked in air indicating MBR is in atmosphere and personal has to be careful.

Methyl Bromide Usage

  • Commodity Fumigation
  • Vessel Fumigation (Ship and Aircrafts)
  • Wooden Packing Material Fumigation
  • Container Fumigation
  • Warehouse Fumigation
  • Godowns/ Warehouses/ Silos/ Flour mills/ Empty ship hold Fumigation
  • Termite Control Treatment during Pre & Post Construction Stage
  • Rodent control & De ratting of Ships.
  • Dis-infestation Of Warehouses, Food plants and residential premises.
  • General Pest control services

    When used as a commodity treatment, Methyl Bromide gas is injected into a chamber or under a trap containing the commodities, major commodity fumigated with Methyl Bromide is Maize, Soybean, Rice, Cotton, Wheat Flour etc.

    All wooden logs and furniture are compulsorily required to be fumigated using MBR.

    When used as a soil fumigant, Methyl Bromide gas is usually injected into the soil at a depth of 12 to 24 inches before a crop is planted. This will effectively sterilize the soil, killing the vast majority of soil organisms. Immediately after the Methyl Bromide is injected, the soil is covered with plastic tarps, which slow the movement of Methyl Bromide from the soil to the atmosphere. Most of the countries have banned use of MBR for foil fumigation.


    Items that usually needs fumigation.

  • Rice
  • Timber
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Furniture
  • Tobacco
  • Special artefacts
  • Pulses
  • Wooden sports goods
  • All kind of food stuff
  • Cargo Ships
  • Timber Items (Logs, Furniture, Building Materials, Pallets Etc.)
  • Perishable Fruits
  • Grains And Cereals
  • Dried Foods
  • Hay, Straw and Cotton
  • Personal Effects (Clothes, Artefacts, Hides, Skins, Furs)
  • Fresh Flowers, Bulbs, Nursery Stock, Seeds For Sowing
  • Plant Equipment And Machinery


    Exports - Seamless/welded Green/Blue metal cylinders of 20/50/100 kg.  Empty cylinders are re-imported after consumption for competitive price edge.

    Domestic - 1.0 Lb and 1.5 Lb tins packing in carton for small consumers.

  • Commodity Fumigation
  • Vessel Fumigation
  • Wooden Packing Material Fumigation
  • Container Fumigation
  • Soil Fumigation