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Where and how is Methyl Bromide used?

Methyl bromide is a broad spectrum pesticide used to control insects, weeds, rodents, and pathogens. A colorless, odorless gas at room temperature, methyl bromide is normally applied as a liquid under pressure that vaporizes upon release at the point of application.

The use of methyl bromide as a pesticide is currently being phased out both in the United States and all other countries. Through various scientific assessments, atmospheric scientists have concluded that use of methyl bromide contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer. Complete phase out of methyl bromide is scheduled for 2006, with certain preshipment, quarantine, and emergency uses exempted.

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Quantity/20 FCL:


Export classification of MBR for fumigation industry:
Product name/classification: METHYL BROMIDE 98% + 2% CHLOROPICR
HS CODE: 38089122